Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

Mrs R. E – Toulouse – ( France) – Opera singer

Since birth, my seven year old daughter got up every morning with dark circle under her  eyes. She was lying at 20h, woke up at 8am and showed signs of fatigue under her eyes and was agitated during the day. We placed Cerbere33 under her bed.

  From the first night, after 15mn in bed, she called me into her room to complain about the cat who kept scratching at the door of her bedroom. But the cat was actually out of the house . I monitored the door from 20h till 22h30 but she kept on complaining , there was no rational explanation for these noises. Three nights later, my daughter had no dark circles and gradually been appeased; after a month everything was back to normal.