Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

Mrs Jeanne.B Montauban (France) – government employee

I spent two years in hell. My colleagues  turned their backs on me, I lost my job, nothing was going on. Mischance was on me, I could not get away from it, I was stuck in  glue, in a rut, sad, desperate. A member of my family knows my situation and offered me a Cerbere33 and placed it under my bed. From the first night, I saw and felt a pure wave through my feet. This phenomenon lasted and repeated. My became pleasant again so did my sleep! Unpleasant feelings had occured again for several nights – strangulation sensation, unpleasant odors, nausea … Cerberus has been there for two months. I feel a great amelioration, I feel better. All the evil that had been done to me (and I have been very well served by jealousy!) is sended backto the sponsor. My life and my family are back. Trust the Cerberus. I can not explain the phenomenon, but it works! It is without hesitation that I recommend to have one at home.