Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

Mr Eric -Haute Garonne (France) – forestry owner

Since a few years now, I felt a very strong mental languishment. I struggled to find  energy and motivation to go to work, where the problems was growing each day. My relationships were getting worse and worse with everyone and everything. In early summer,my daughter recommended me to place a Cerbere33 under my bed. I spent some very agitated nights, with dreams that seemed more real than the actual life, with stories that did not   belonged  to me. I woke up exhausted, as if I had spent the night running from one dream to another, and I do not really slept. After four or five days things calmed down. I began to feel lighter, I noticed that I had won in muscle flexibility, my neck was less steep and I could move my head better. I also found some serenity with my family. Months later, the woman that i was interested in, ended up on accepting to meet me and we started a beautiful relationship. I also noticed improvements professionally, better opportunities showed up in autumn. For me, there is clearly a before and after Cerberus. Thank you for this wonderful invention that changes our lives!