Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

Mr Barnaby Gibbons London (United Kingdom) – Actor –

Since we moved to our new apartment in London, I did not feel very comfortable in our bed, and my sleep was disturbed every night.I reoriented the bed and made a rebalancing of the Hartmann network, my sleep has been temporary improved.

But after a while, bad dreams, waking up at night and exhaustion in the morning came back. I had a feeling that all was not quite in order, and we were perhaps, my love and I , victims of psychic attacks. I ordered a Cerbere33 by mail. Three days later ( rather good time frame between France and England!), I received Cerbere33 and I immediately installed it under our bed.

Ever since everything changed. Our sleep is deep and our dreams are sweet. I wake up refreshed, as my darling, and we no longer have the feeling of being parasitized on night. It is as if we have a good large dog  beside our the bed watching over us. Thank you !