Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

Julien B – Ingenior Physicist

Device of a formidable efficiency with effect “boomerang” in verse the people who could have intentions “negative” towards you. Since I installed it under my bed in January 2018, I never had nightmares or “unpleasant” dreams , on the contrary … This device allowed me to access “things” subtle and kind hearted and I take it everywhere with me when I travel (apartments / houses for rent, hotels). Whether it’s a placebo effect or a resurgence of ancestral knowledge, it works and that’s the main thing. Even more effective when you begin or follow a spiritual step. Indeed, it has allowed me to repeatedly access what some call past lives and / or Akashic annals that have amazed me and changed my life (in the good sense of the word). A companion of life which I do not regret for a moment its adoption. Thanks to his creator.