Cerbere33 Bouclier contre les énergies négatives

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Sans pile ni branchement, il est autonome et transportable.


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Catherine.S- (Montpellier- France)

16 August 2023

Mr. Mounié hello, I wanted to tell you that for 15 days and more particularly for a week I have been sleeping like a baby with a heavy sleep next to my Cerberus. Like a need to recover from an immense accumulated fatigue. My partner, who was no longer sleeping, managed to sleep, he seems calmer, less nervous. I am waiting to see if the rest will improve. I assume that what has been put on our heads was quite heavy. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted. Kind regards, Catherine S

A.C January 2019 – Lyon – France

31 January 2019

Received and tried yesterday: GREAT !! I slept like a baby, no nightmares, dreams of yellow and bloom (solar plexus) and light, I'm so relieved! Fun: I feel my mattress as if it were twice as bulky, and bulging up. I feel pushed up. Thank you for this wonderful device! " A.C.-Lyon

Julien B – Ingenior Physicist

29 November 2018

Device of a formidable efficiency with effect "boomerang" in verse the people who could have intentions "negative" towards you. Since I installed it under my bed in January 2018, I never had nightmares or "unpleasant" dreams , on the contrary ... This device allowed me to access "things" subtle and kind hearted and I take it everywhere with me when I travel (apartments / houses for rent, hotels). Whether it's a placebo effect or a resurgence of ancestral knowledge, it works and that's the main thing. Even more effective when you begin or follow a spiritual step. Indeed, it has allowed...

Miss Caroline L – Thérapist – Cannes- (France)

16 February 2017

The Cerbere33 is very helpfull. I used to have cold sweates with disturbed sleeps and  odd fevers nights , nightmares and very tired each morning, as if I was awoke all night long, even if I get to bed early. I used to wake up with headaches. Eversince...I have complete and refreshing sleeps even if I go late to bed; I have my vim back, an amazing clear-sightedness, I'm in good mood each morning and a happier wakefullness! Ready to go to my work as a therapist! Thank you ! I strongly recommended the Cerbere33!

Mrs Céline G – Var- (France) – Public relations –

24 September 2016

I have a child with an auto-immune disease occured 6 years ago. Because of her treament, her tiredness and hypersensitivity, her nights became more and more agitated. She needs to sleep very well to regenerate in order to help in her healing, and she  absolutely was not. It was unexpected for me to encounter the Cerbere33 and it has been provitential in many ways. I wanted my daughter to get rid of her nigthmares in order to rest properly, but I didn't expected the others  device's unforeseen effects. It took a whole week for my daughter to "initialize" herself with the...

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